Hardwood Djembe 13"x25", 20.4lbs

$575.00 (tax incl.)
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This is a beautiful djembe made by the WULA drum company in Guinea West Africa. WULA was founded by my first djembe teacher, Michael Markus in 2005 and WULA has done great things not only for improving the quality of djembes, but re-forestation and providing competitve wages for workers in Guinea. This djembe is made out of a hard wood.

Shipping is not included in the price, as I don’t know how far you are from me; know that you can swap it out at any point in the future for equal or greater price djembe (just pay the difference). If the skin is in saleable shape, then we swap and it’s done; if the skin isn’t in saleable shape, you pay me to re-skin it, then we swap.

Cash equivalent price (meaning non-credit card) price $550 – zelle, paypal, venmo – message me for these details at taylor@holygoat.com

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