Melina Wood Djembe Mel12.5x25.375x16.4 click the picture for best resolution!

$500.00 (tax incl.)
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The Wula Drum company has a special place in my heart for a few reasons.

  1. it was founded by my first djembe teacher Michael Markus
  2. it pays it’s carvers well and really makes a conscious attempt to elevate their lives through the work they do with Wula
  3. they are involved with reforestation in Guinea
  4. this Melina wood drum I got from them sounds incredible AND isn’t crazily heavy!

Lastly, if you get a djembe from me, you have the option of swapping it out at any point in the future for a drum of like or greater value (just pay the difference) – the only caveat is the condition of skin – if I have to reskin it, that will be a separate deal; if no-reskinning, it’s a straight swap!

$475 if paid by cash or cash equivalent (zelle or venmo).

Shipping cost may apply and depends on location (usually around $40)…….my website isn’t fancy enough for that right now!

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