This will be an immersion in learning djembe rhythms taught by the late great Grand Master Drummer Mamady Keita. All classes will be taught by the Director of the TTMDA-Chicago branch of TTMDA, Senior Certified Instructor, M. Taylor. Almost all the classes will be mixed level, as djembe music works well with beginners and advanced folks in the same room, as most rhythms have aspects that can challenge both at once.

All this goodness will take place at the Oakwood Retreat Center, 3801 S 575 E Rd, Selma, IN 47383 (765) 747-7027

Photo from 1st Annual TTMDA-Chicago Summer Heat Drum Retreat 2022, Oakwood Farm, Selma,IN

Some of the stuff we’ll cover: basic rhythms, soloing, echauffments, dunun variations, all in the context of learning Mamady’s rhythms that he composed (there are well over 100 in total – we won’t get to them all!). I welcome requests – please send those along with your registration!

Folks are welcome to bring their own libations! Handicap facilities are available; specify dietary needs by sending an email with the subject line “Summer Heat Dietary Request” to

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Here’s the layout of the weekend:


  • Arrival 1pm or after
  • Check in at Community Building
  • Dinner is served at 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • After dinner at 8, in Festival Barn introductions – ask ancestors for permission to proceed
  • After introductions introductory class for all levels and jam session to get the rhythmic sensibilities lubricated!  


  • Possibly Yoga in main building at 7am
  • Breakfast 8am
  • 10am – 11:30am First Class
  • Lunch noon-1
  • Watch documentary film Djembefola
  • 3pm – 5pm Second Class
  • Dinner 6-7pm
  • Meet at Festival Barn for Open Mic! There will be a signup sheet 8pm – ?
  • Firepit drumming and storytelling after Open Mic into the late night


  • Breakfast 8-9am
  • Third class 10-11:30am possibly review class
  • Noon to 1pm lunch ending meal good byes

What to bring!

  • Hat
  • Water bottle – We have filtered water available. Also have a big water bottle in the festival barn. 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Bug spray
  • Sunglasses 
  • Good walking shoes and/or sandals 
  • Recording devices 
  • Personal toiletries 
  • Pool towel 

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