Akaran Iko Iko is very good, very easy to understand, the pedagogy is very good and at the same time will make you laugh. My advice is that every student should have this video in their library.”

— Grand Master Drummer Mamady Keita

New video featuring Tam Tam Mandingue Professors: Mahiri-Fadjimba Keita, Menes Yahuda, and Michael Taylor

With intro in Deutsch, English, Español, Français and 日{語, this fully interactive video hits the space between instructional and performance and is intended to be used by folks already studying djembe.

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If you have learned some rhythms, know the context of djembe music of the Mande and are working on your sound, stamina, clarity, timing, etc. this one is for you! Akaran Iko Iko, is based on the ground-breaking idea employed in ensemble sections in Taylor’s first instructional video, Remembering How to Drum. In both videos you have the ability to hear 8 different audio choices while you watch the whole ensemble:

  1. full ensemble
  2. accompaniment 1 only
  3. accompaniment 2 only
  4. solo only
  5. accompaniments 1 & 2 only
  6. accompaniments 1 & 2 & solo only
  7. dununs only
  8. all except solo (so you can have an ensemble to make your own solo to!)

Rhythms on Akaran Iko Iko were chosen by Mahiri, Menes and Taylor, based on what they experienced as the most prevalent rhythms being played in dance classes and taught in beginning and intermediate djembe classes across the United States; each rhythm is presented at two different speeds, they are:

  • Djansa
  • Djole
  • Kuku
  • Mendiani
  • Moribayassa
  • Soli(Rapide)
  • Sunnu
  • Tiriba
  • Yankadi/Macru
  • Kassa

Akaran Iko Iko is available now!

Yankadi Macru is available for free below. You may purchase a membership to view the others.

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