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Pawotay Project:
A Touch of Chaos in the Rhythmic Soup

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Chaos ~ deep ~ improvisational rhythm & groove ~ expression ~ crisp ~ mama rhythm ~ open ~ whirlwind of cacophony ~ passionate ~ jungle ~ euphoric ~ freakish products of freakish

cats ~ incitement ~ groove ~ earthy ~ vicious ~ improvised ~ primal growth ~ arousing the will & spirit to act ~ vivid ~ communication ~ creation of mutual friendship ~ movement ~ whanna ~ soul gratification ~ order

“This CD is not just for percussion buffs…Drum lovers, dancers, ambient music lovers, improvised music lovers—you should include the Pawotay Project in your CD collection.” — Michael Markus, NYC

Pawotay Project is…

Taylor, West African percussionist and composer, performance artist, teacher and…

Christian Pawola, his long-time partner in creative-crime, guitar specialist and all-around musician, performer, producer, friend and…

A Touch of Chaos in the Rhythmic Soup, the happy marriage of Taylor’s djembe/dounun rhythms, Christian’s ambient guitar and autoharp, and their mutual creative zeal on bongos, balafon, claves, keyboards, shakers, chimes, tamborine, cabasa, rain stick, voice, and laughter.

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