This is a fun and engaging class taught by M. Taylor, Senior Instructor at the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy School of Djembe (the djembe is a West African hand drum). Students learn proper hand technique and timing in the context of learning traditional djembe rhythms. A djembe specialist for over 30 years, Taylor has been put on a mission by his Master Drummer Teacher Grand Master Drummer Mamady Keïta to be a “messenger of tradition”, so all lessons include the oral history of the rhythms (history, purpose, ethnic group, location), maps are used in discussions/explanations. These classes also include dunun lessons (cylindrical bass drums); dununs provided. Djembe’s may be rented if necessary, $5/day pair directly to Taylor. Experience not necessarily necessary!

Current Schedule:
6-6:45pm youth class (7/8 years and up, exceptions welcomed)
7-8pm adult mixed level

Bear in mind that some adults may find the youth class more fitting or vice versa. The learning of this music is highly scalable, so come to whichever class (or both) that best suits your schedule and we’ll make it happen and I promise to make it as challenging as you want! Come on out and see for yourself!

**For youth, there is a certain level of coordination and attention span that is necessary for particpating in this form of music. Normally, about 7/8 years old and up have what it takes to participate in djembe ensemble music.**

To register for this class, located in the bottom level of 155 N. Harbor Dr., Chicago, contact Nina at or 847-791-099.

For any questions about the class or djembe rental, contact Taylor at 773-909-8633.


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